Before proceeding with checkout, Please confirm you understand what my fonts are.  They are Wilcom .esa files, which mean they only work with Wilcom embroidery software.

My fonts are not embroidery alphabets that are in any other format, such as .dst, .pes, cnd, exp .

My fonts work with Wilcom embroidery software versions 9 and newer, this includes Wilcom Deco Studios.  They do NOT work with any other software.  If any doubt, please email me before proceeding, or download the totally free boyzrgross font to test, it is the complete font with all letters and numbers.   Boyzrgross font.

Also, please understand that because of the digital nature of my fonts, I do not offer any refunds.

Once last thing, I work hard to make my fonts, and my prices are low, so I would appreciate it if you don’t “share” my fonts with anyone else.

Any questions about my terms, please email me before ordering…. Alan@wilcomfonts.com