What if I have questions or need to talk to you ?

You are welcome to call me at 615-708-6957, or email alan@wilcomfonts.com  Normally I am working from about lunchtime until 5pm eastern time.  That is the best time since I

can maybe be able to “see” what you may be having problems with, but most any other time is fine to call also.


What format do your fonts come in ?  Are they available in .jef or .dst ?

My fonts come in only Wilcom .esa format, which is the format that loads directly into the Wilcom software.  Due to the nature of these fonts, they are treated like keyboard lettering in Wilcom software. They are not individual letters which must be imported individually and merged in editing software, like most alphabets you find on the web.  Most of my fonts are very small in data size, about 100 kb. I do not offer them in any other format, sorry.


How do I install you fonts?

1. Open a new folder of your choice on your hard drive in order to save as an unzipped file for long-term storage.

2. Unzip the file. A new .esa format will be opened in a new folder. Keep this folder open.

3. Open the USERLETW folder (By default, you will find this folder at the following location.  C://programs(x86)/wilcom/embroiderystudio/userletw)

4. Once both the unzipped folder and the USERLETW folders are open side by side, select the .esa files from the first and drag to the USERLETW folder.

5. Your new font is now installed. Restart your Wilcom software.

6. The new fonts will now be in the “lettering values/object properties” box under alphabets. However, my fonts will be below the standard fonts in all lowercase letters.


Here is video showing how to install the fonts. 



How do i get two color fonts to work?  I can only see one color.

  1. Type the name or monogram as you would like it to be regarding size, placement, etc.
  2. Select it, then right click. A new window opens up.
  3. In the new window, under “special” tab, with the lettering showing in this window, scroll to the bottom.
  4. Select “sew sequence”. Another new window opens up.
  5. In this new window, under “stitch method” and “Use original values”, make sure the following are checked
    1. “as digitized”
    2. “use original values”
  6. The font should now be 2 or more colors, and a tatami fill stitch will replace the fill stitch as needed.