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Whoohooo… found my little easter egg.  Good job, for your efforts and to reward you for your curiosity, how about a code for 10 percent off any purchase.

Just use tabitha in the coupon box at checkout, and discount will be applied.


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This is to track counts of fonts chosen, second most popular will be added to files section around June 17th.


Dr Soos     5

Montez   11

Hebrew  3

Collegefill two color   3

Eliza monogram   1

Littlelord  5

Walker monogram  3

Circle monogram thin 1

Arial Bold  1

Peapod 1

Circle monogram  2

Diamond monogram  1

Sophia  8

Mastercircle 1

flowers  1

brock  3

caslasko  2

french script 1

script 92   2

stencil   1

niagra   1

rochester…used in site header    1

harrington  / diamond  3

twilight   3

arabesque monogram   1

arm names  1

ravencroft   1

colorado   1

curlz   1

black chancery  2

jackson  1

diary  1

winky 1

emily  1

eliza monogram  1

lines 1

ovidius 2

montere  1

briquet  1

augusta  1

custom script  1

brittanic   1

banks script  1

pharmacy   1

kaleigh   1

hone script  1

disney   1

athletic swoosh  1

atheletic two color  1

circle monogram applique…1

interwined   1

flowers   1

dancing script  1

fancyblock   1

boca  1










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This is my subscription service,if you are interested in purchasing my Business Bundle, but can’t drop $400 at once, this is the solution. This will set up
a monthly subscription via paypal. The monthly cost is $30, and once charged I will manually email a code for you to select any 4 fonts per month. If you continue the subscription for 12 months, then you will get code to download the entire Business Bundle. Not only will this be budget friendly, but will also give you 10% discount on the Business Bundle.

 As always any questions, feel free to ask.


Monthly Subscription

Expedited Subscription, 12 fonts @ $90 a month for 4 months, use button below.

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What format do your fonts come in ?  Are they available in .jef or .dst ?

My fonts come in only Wilcom .esa format, this is the format that loads directly into the Wilcom software.  Most fonts are very small in data size, about 100 kb.  They are not

individual letters as most alphabets you find elsewhere.  I do not offer them in any other format, sorry.


How do I install you fonts?

The fonts will be downloaded as a zip file.  The first thing you will need to do is unzip them.  Save in folder of you choice for long-term keeping, then unzip the file.  A new folder will be created with the .esa format inside, this is the file you will need to work with in next steps.   I normally open two windows at once, one with the folder you just created, and then  new

folder that will drag the .esa format files into.  This folder is the USERLETW folder.  By default, you will find this folder at the following location.  C://programs(x86)/wilcom/embroiderystudio/userletw    Once you have both windows open, just select the .esa files from one and drag to the USERLETW folder.  Your new fonts are now installed.   Restart your Wilcom software, new fonts will now be in your lettering values/object properties for alphabets, however, my fonts will be below the standard fonts.  The reason for this, is that i use all lowercase in naming my fonts.

Here is quick video showing installation of fonts.



How do i get two color fonts to work?  I can only see one color.

To get the two color fonts to work correctly, you will need to make a couple of small changes.  Type your name or monogram as you want it to be, size, placement etc.  Then select it, right click and new window opens up.   Under special tab, withe lettering showing on this window, scroll to the bottom.  You will sew sequence. Click that, now a new window opens, you will now see Stich method and use original values.  You should use “as digitized for most two color fonts, and checkmark by “use original values”  The font should now be two or more colors, and tatmi fill stitch where it is suppose to be fill stitch.