About Us

Hello and Welcome!  Grab a cup of coffee and let me tell you about myself.

Wilcomfonts.com is my one man show, with my wife Michelle helping on the creative side of this venture.    I do the digitizing and have been  for about 18 years now, using what I consider to be the best digitizing software available, Wilcom.   There is never any auto digitizing, all my designs are punched by hand.  And I test everything on my Tajima singlehead machine, while Michelle uses these fonts daily in her store.  Some have come from her telling me what she wants, while others have come  from clients wanting a font to be an alphabet they could use in their Wilcom.  I am proud to say that I have met some of the nicest folks in the industry from coast to coast while punching  designs.

While I won’t claim to be the best at digitizing or anything else (You can always learn something new in life), I will say that I do my best to make sure everything sews clean and looks good , and I will do what it takes to make you happy.  I take pride in the craftsmanship and thought I put into each and every design.  I also realize my fonts are less expensive than some others you will find:  please don’t  think they are of less quality, I simply would rather sell more fonts than less for the same money.  Just sharing the love!

I also have a full time job in the early mornings so I stay pretty busy.  But normally you will find me working from about 12  to 5 pm eastern time most every day, so any questions will be answered during that time frame.  We live in Maryville, TN which is just south of Knoxville  and about 45 mins from the Smoky Mountains.  We have 3 boys that keep us running and laughing. Now if we could just get them to work the store we could go on vacation!

Alan White

615-708-6957 or alan@wilcomfonts.com